Are you an experienced Air Traffic Controller?

Are you an experienced Air Traffic Controller?

Are you an experienced Air Traffic Controller and in possession of an ATC Licence issued in accordance with Commission Regulation (EU) 2015/340?

Then we are looking forward to receive your application at [email protected]   

It is recommendable if you already speak some Dutch, as by the start of the training you need to be able to speak Dutch at a minimum of CEFR level B2.2. 

In order to proceed with your application, we would like some more detailed information about you and your experience. We would like to receive the following information: 

- a resume (mentioning your date of birth according to the following format e.g. 12 December 1998)* (please note that we cannot accept a resume which includes a photo);

- a copy of your license*;

- a copy of your (valid) medical*;

- a cover letter/motivation*;

- a description of the fields you have been working at (traffic volume, type of traffic, runways etc.). Please use the download questionnaire button for this*; trainee reports with qualitative remarks (if possible unit training, or most recent reports);

- overall test results / OJT results;

- and a reference from an OJTI or a training manager.

* Mandatory 

We can then further process your application. Subsequently, if we see your resume and experience fit our available vacancies for air traffic controllers we will invite you to participate in our selection procedure


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Wil jij aan de slag als luchtverkeersleider bij LVNL? Check de vacature om te zien wanneer je kunt solliciteren en wat deze baan inhoudt. Als je er niet helemaal uitkomt of als je vragen hebt helpen wij je natuurlijk graag!

Afdeling Recruitment en Selectie